10 Website Design Trends in 2021

Article by:  John Granskou - SEO Digital Marketing Consultant

Here are some leading Website Design Trends for 2021

There are many trends in web design these days. In order to get the most out of your website’s design, take a look at these 10 design trends in web design.

  1. Core Essentials: These are definitely the twenty-first century website design trends that you will see. As the world of internet uses continues to expand, user-friendliness, navigability, and speed are becoming ever more important. There are always going to be different aspects of website design that aren’t going anywhere, however, user-friendliness, great loading speeds, and easy navigation should be a given no matter where your website is headed.
  2. Minimalism: In twenty-first century website design trends, minimalistic navigation and conversational ux are at the top of the list. In fact, minimalistic navigation and conversational ux are at the top of the list for most people who are familiar with internet design. Minimalistic navigation is a big departure from the traditional website design. In addition to removing the visual clutter, it reduces everything to the bare essentials – text, a few images, and a few buttons.
  3. Typography:  Along with all these amazing technologies, we are also seeing some interesting trends that will impact our industry in the future. One of these trends includes the addition of “bold typography” to our layouts. Bold typeface and heavy dark mode are 2 of the most popular options that designers are using today to create dynamic interfaces and dramatic images.
  4. Development:  Website Design Automation is one of the most desired and effective ways for creating dynamic, navigable and user-friendly websites. Gone are the days when you had to hire a team of professionals to create a website for your organization or business. With web design automation, you can create dynamic and easy-to-use websites for any kind of businesses, starting from small to large organizations.
  5. WordPress:  This is one of the largest advancements in web trends since the dawn of the computer. WordPress has completely transformed how designers approach website design. Previously, web designers would have to work within a complex set up, with multiple developers, multiple formats, and multiple revisions. However, with the introduction of WordPress, they can simply use one application and configure all their revisions. Not only does this reduce costs and labour, but it also provides a much more fluid experience for website designers.
  6. Graphics:  One of the biggest trends for the next few years is minimalism. We’ve already seen how WordPress dramatically reduced the number of graphic files and images used on a site. However, with minimalism also comes a new form of simplicity. In years past, designers would add too many animations, too many transitions, and too many interactivity elements into a site in order to make it a little more “artsy.” Now, because so many experts are focusing on providing a minimalistic experience, there are many cases where you won’t even know that your site has a user interface at all!
  7. Automation:  A lot of small and medium size businesses are already benefiting from the web automation marketing services offered by most online marketing firms today. But it is important that you as a small business owner also realize that there are certain advantages and disadvantages in using these web marketing programs in your marketing mix. Having this form of marketing allows you to have full control over how and when you will reach out to potential clients or customers and make your sales or lead conversations. The best thing about this type of marketing is that since you have automation, you no longer need to spend too much time and effort on manual promotion and follow-ups. Web automation tools not only help save your time and efforts but can also help you easily identify what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing.
  8. Intelligence:  Computer vision and artificial intelligence are also becoming a big part of the newest web design trends. Experienced web designers will be creating augmented reality interfaces through computer vision and artificial intelligence. The latest website design trends of the future will be driven by artificial intelligence.
  9. Interactions:  Along with the incorporation of virtual reality into web technology, we are also seeing 3d interactions with websites. This is the newest web technology trend and, like all good trends, it will eventually grow and become a huge part of the web’s overall experience. We are currently in the early stages of implementing 3d interactions in our websites, however; we are seeing this trend grow and it will soon be integrated into more websites. Along with the integration of full 3d interaction, we are also seeing massive increases in the creation of virtual worlds and online games.
  10. Social Media:  A good example is the development of websites with social media integration. If your website includes social media functionality, there are many interesting ways to integrate it into your website design. To make the most of social media integration, however, it is important to take some time to determine what your website’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Our current website design trends will continue to evolve and we will see many exciting things for our industry as the years go on.

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Article by:  John Granskou - SEO Digital Marketing Consultant

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