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Web design is quite possibly the single most important investment you can make into your website. Business Relauncher is a web design agency in London that understands the importance of web design as it relates to everything else that a person or a company does online. Let us discuss why web design is so important.

Web Design Translates to Trust

Have you ever landed on a web page from Google, social media, or some other channel, and when you got to the web page, you thought to yourself, "WTF is this!?" For most of us who spend any significant amount of time on the Web, we can relate to this. The fact is; you can immediately tell when a website was created by someone who has no business designing websites. Even if you don't know much about web design, marketing, and related topics, a sloppy or amateur-looking website or web page when you come across one. Well, so does everyone else!

Quality web design is more than just a luxury. It's about more than just giving your users a better experience, which is extremely important in its own right. A quality web design is about trustability. If the first thing people notice when they land on your pages is that the quality of your web design is lacking, then they are not going to trust your site with their credit card information. They are not going to trust your links, and they probably won't even trust your site as a reliable source of information. You see, web design translates directly into trust!

Web Design is Essential for Good SEO

If you want your content to be found organically in the search engines, then you better mind your web design. What does web design have to do with SEO? Everything! First, Google has real humans whose job it is to look at new websites. One of the things these Google employees consider when they analyze a new website is, "Would I trust this website with my credit card?" If the answer is "Maybe" or "No," then that would be a strike against your website, and it can be much harder for you to rank your pages.

Second, web design ties into SEO in other ways. For example, your web design will affect your bounce rate, user engagement, social shares, and other signals that Google takes into consideration when ranking content. As you can see, we've just begun to scrape the surface of why you need professional web design for your website, and you can already see that web design is essential for good SEO.

Web Design Can Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Imagine spending top dollar on marketing to see little-to-no results (perhaps you don't have to imagine)! That would suck, right? Of course it would! Yet, this happens to people all the time because their web design sucks. Why spend gobs of money driving new leads to your website if your web design is less than stellar? Remember, web design translates to trust, and if you are going to spend money to drive traffic to your pages, your design had better be good enough to convert that traffic into paying customers!

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