Easy How To: Export Your WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics 

 September 22, 2020

By  John Granskou - SEO Digital Marketing Consultant

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Export the Analytics in MonsterInsights

Export the Analytics in MonsterInsights is a free web based service provided by MonsterInsights. This plugin includes an interface which lets you export the reports that contain metrics or other information from the Analytics. This may help you analyze and monitor any changes or improvements you’ve made to your website. This is the best product for you if you are looking for a way to track and improve your website.

The Analytics in MonsterInsights is a plugin that’s used by many web marketers to manage their website. It is one of the largest plugins offered and is easy to manage. With the help of this program, you can be sure you are not overlooking any opportunity which may cost you more money.

How to Export Google Analytics in MonsterInsights – How to Import and Export

The Export feature on Google Analytics is a very neat feature that allows you to export your Google Analytics in MonsterInsights reports. It is a really simple process as long as you know how. I’ll tell you how in this guide, and then explain why you should export them in the first place.

You can export your Google Analytics by clicking on Tools on the main page of the site and then clicking the General tab. When you do so you will notice a drop down menu next to the Google Analytics icon and click on Export. This will take you to the Export Analytics page.

As soon as you click on Export, you’ll be presented with a wizard that shows you where to save your reports, what you’re allowed to do together, how they should be shared and much more. Here you can also select which Google Analytics version you want to export. So as to export Google Analytics in MonsterInsights, you’ll need to click the Export button. After clicking on the Export button, you’ll find a dialog box asking for your credentials to export your data.

Now, so as to import these exported reports into MonsterInsights, you only need to click on Import, and follow the instructions. There is no need to do anything else except for installing the software and giving it your username and password to access the exported files.

If you would like to use the exported version of the Google Analytics, you want to make a new profile under your account. Click on the New button. When prompted, pick the sort of profile you would like. For example, if you would like to export all of your Google Analytics in MonsterInsights reports and import them into MonsterInsights, you need to choose the choice that says All Google Analytics in MonsterInsights Reports.

From here, you can go to the Export section, and select Import. So as to pick the file type that you want to export, you will have to click Export in the drop down menu. It will take you to the Export Options section. There, you will have to type in the path to the exported file and click on Save.

Now that you understand how to export the Google Analytics in MonsterInsights report, you can use this information so as to enhance your own work. So as to maximize your success in your marketing endeavors!


Article by:  John Granskou - SEO Digital Marketing Consultant

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