Done For You SEO (DFY) – Monthly SEO Packages

$897 / Month

DFY – Done For You SEO – With our ‘Done-For-You’ monthly SEO package, we’ll take complete control of your SEO campaign, and keep you updated all the way with full transparency and fantastic levels of communication.

Bonus Limited Time Offer:

Unlimited Content Wizard credits added to your website within the platform to be used to generate SEO copy using AI, including:

  • Optimized page titles
  • Optimized meta descriptions
  • Optimized H1 headings
  • SEO blog structures and outlines (coming soon!)


WHAT’S DONE FOR YOU (DFW) – Monthly SEO Packages? 

With our ‘Done-For-You’ SEO package we support you every month by carrying out 8 hours’ worth of work to help you improve your SEO.  If you need more than that we can provide you with a Custom Quote.

With our ‘Done-For-You’ monthly SEO package, we’ll take complete control of your SEO campaign, and keep you updated all the way with full transparency and fantastic levels of communication.

Every month, we’ll complete 8 hours’ worth of SEO work for your client’s website covering all the important areas, including onsite SEO, technical SEO, content creation, link outreach and much more.

In the very first month, we’ll build your complete SEO strategy which will dictate the monthly plan of work for the following 12 months, ensuring we focus on the areas that will deliver the greatest results.

We’ll share with you a detailed, 12-month roadmap of the actions we’re going to take on their SEO, so you have full visibility of the work we’re completing.

Then in the following months, we’ll get to work by completing all the SEO work required to achieve what will be set out within the SEO strategy.

Will I have visibility on the work you will be carrying out?

Yes absolutely! In the first month after we create the SEO strategy within the platform, we will provide you with a 12-month custom roadmap detailing the work we will undertake each month throughout the year. In addition, you will receive a monthly report on completed and pending work. You can also schedule a call with the team if needed.

Does this cover all areas of SEO?

Yes, we’ll cover all the relevant aspects of SEO that will improve your performance. We complete on-site, technical, content, local and backlink SEO actions.

What backlink activities are included?

Included within the work we complete will be backlink building (we do not use ‘black-hat’ tactics for link building!), and also conducting backlink audits to ensure that there are no ‘toxic’ backlinks that will be negatively impacting your SEO performance.

What reporting is included?

We’ll provide you with a monthly, in-depth, white-labelled SEO report which you can share with your client. It will cover performance (in terms of the keyword rankings and subsequent traffic to the website) and what actions were completed, as well as the actions we’ll be completing the following month.

Is there a minimum duration period?

No, every product you purchase from IQwaterloo has a rolling 30-day period. Meaning once you cancel it, you will not be auto-renewed the following month.

Do I need to also purchase the SEO Strategy Creation add-on?

If you purchase this SEP Plan then you do not need to also purchase the SEO Strategy Creation add-on as we will complete that activity in the first month of your Done-For-You services. More on SEO Strategy Creation


I hope you have found this presentation helpful and I hope it made clear how we’d work together moving forwards.  It’s really important for your success in Google that you choose the right SEO partner and package, suited for your objectives and goals. I really feel that the team at Hike are best placed to help you succeed in Search. 

We’d love to jump on a call and run you through the ‘Done-With-You’ package and answer any questions you’ve got, so please let us know when you’re free.  Contact Us