Done With You SEO (DWY)

$397 / Month

DWY – Done With You SEO –  With our ‘Done-With-You’ package we support your agency every month by carrying out 2 hours’ worth of work to help you improve your SEO.  The best part is that you have full flexibility in terms of what SEO help you need from our team.

Bonus Limited Time Offer:

Unlimited Content Wizard credits added to your website within the platform to be used to generate SEO copy using AI, including:

  • Optimized page titles
  • Optimized meta descriptions
  • Optimized H1 headings
  • SEO blog structures and outlines (coming soon!)



If you have a dedicated team that needs support and training, then our team can work alongside them as part of this package. Or you can use the time to get our help in making SEO changes (whether it’s onsite, content, local, and more). 

You will have a dedicated Hike account manager who will support you every step of the way and will be on hand to complete your SEO tasks for you if you’re struggling with time. 

Activates & Costs

In the first month of working together, we’ll work with you to create an SEO roadmap of the most important activities for your website. 

Within this roadmap we’ll plan out activities for the following: developing your strategy, creating a content roadmap, optimizing your Google My Business listing/s, citation building, page speed improvements, backlink optimization and more. 

We’ll work with you and your team for 2 hours every month to complete these crucial SEO actions, providing both support (through calls and training where needed) and fulfilment when needed (provide us with your login details and we’ll do your SEO for you.) 

Will I have visibility on the work you will be carrying out?

Yes, absolutely! In the first month, after we reviewed your SEO strategy within the platform, we’ll provide you with a specific roadmap that details the work we’ll be carrying out over the following 6-12 months. On top of this, you will receive a monthly video report which will detail the work completed and upcoming work.

Can I use the time to train my team?

Yes, of course! In the first month, we’ll work with you to decide where we can assist the most with our time. This can be used for training your team members whenever needed.

What reporting is included?

We’ll provide you with a monthly video report. It will cover what actions were completed that month, as well as the actions we’ll be completing the following month.

Is there a minimum duration period?

No, every product you purchase from IQwaterloo has a rolling 30-day period. Meaning once you cancel it, you will not be auto-renewed the following month.

Do the Done-With-You and Done-For-You add-ons include the SEO Strategy Creation?

If you purchase the ‘Done-For-You’ add-on then yes, we will automatically complete the SEO Strategy Creation for the website in month 1. It does not need to be purchased separately. However, if you purchase the ‘Done-With-You’ add-on then no, we will not complete the SEO Strategy creation product. If you want this then you will need to purchase it separately.  More on SEO Strategy Creation


I hope you have found this presentation helpful and I hope it made clear how we’d work together moving forwards.  It’s really important for your success in Google that you choose the right SEO partner and package, suited for your objectives and goals. I really feel that the team at Hike are best placed to help you succeed in Search. 

We’d love to jump on a call and run you through the ‘Done-With-You’ package and answer any questions you’ve got, so please let us know when you’re free.  Need a Custom Quote?  Request Quote Here

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