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6 Steps to Profit Growth, and Safe SEO Content Marketing Strategies

1: Establishing a Specific Outcome.

Some of our clients have been focused on their problems. When we asked them what they wanted in their business, they usually gave us a long list of what’s not working and what they wanted to fix. When they stay with us and we keep asking, we’ll often discover that they’ve never really taken the time to think about what they truly want from their business. When we’re able to help them define it, we’ll often visibly see a complete change occur before our eyes.

Our client’s become noticeably happier, more enthusiastic, more relaxed, and more willing to follow our advice bec

ause it’s directly tied to getting the one thing that’s been overlooked for so long:  what our clients actually want.  Once we have that, our next step is to create a very simple plan to get it done.

2: Digital Marketing Assets.

“Digital Marketing Assets” is how we define all the “Right Stuff” a client has available that can be used to get their desired outcome.

Think of this as all the “moving pieces” that make the business work. This is where we find out eve

ry product that’s for sale, every sales process, every mailing list, every audience, all relationships, every email sequence, every campaign, sales funnels, and more.

To do this well, we need to understand that many times the client takes existing Digital Marketing Assets for granted and doesn’t realize the power of what’s available.

So this is where we’

ll learn to be very thorough. This usually leaves the client feeling positive and optimistic. we’ll hear reactions like, “I forgot I had that” and “That worked! Why did we ever stop doing that?”

3: The ROI Numbers

In this step, we’ll get important Return On Investment Numbers from our clients such as prices, profit margins, conversion rates, average order value, and more. This is important because it lets us see what actually makes money …and what doesn’t.

4: Analytics & Diagnosis

In this step, we take a look at all the moving pieces (and the numbers associated with them) and discover where the money is actually

 coming from. In the overwhelming majority of cases, we’ll uncover two things:

1. The client has a lot of moving pieces and only a few of them are responsible for the bulk of the revenue.

2. The client is focused on everything, BUT those few things that are actually making money. A classic example of this is a client with four retail locations and an ecommerce site. The e-commerce site generates $1 million dollars per year in revenue. The retail locations generate $17 million dollars per year in revenue.

The majority of the client’s focus and frustration was on the e-commerce site (which only generates less than 6% of the total revenue for the business).

5: One-Step Action Plan

It’s very important that each time we use this model, we recommend, ONE single course of action. This ensures that everything we do is extremely precise and effective. Plus,

 the last thing our clients want is a long list of “to do’s” to deal with.

Most of our clients are already overwhelmed and have too many “plates spinning” as it is. With the client above, for example, we looked at all the moving pieces for the retail stores and discovered that one specific ad campaign would always bring in customers like clockwork.

Therefore, the One-Step Action plan was to take that campaign and run it MORE! Not only were we able to shift focus awa

y from the frustrating e-Commerce site (that only generated 5.5% of the total revenue for the business anyway), we were also able to quickly maximize what was already working extremely well and do more of it. This led to (you guessed it! RESULTS.

6: Review and Repeat

In this final step, we review the results the client got when applying the one-step action plan and then run through the model again. If the results were positive, the model will help us drill down and find ways to make them even better. If the results were less than expected, the model will help us stay focused on the Specific Outcome that the client wants, and create the next One-Step plan of action.


Steps 7 and 8 are only discussed in the last two weeks of an 8 week Growth Hacker Accelerator Program.

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