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Our Local KW Website Designers and SEO Team at IQWaterloo Inc. are committed to being one of the best top SEO Companies in Canada. Fucused on our clients success with their WordPress Website Design, SEO, PPC, Ecommerce, Sales Conversions, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing needs. Our KW Website Designers with include Keyword Marketing or KW SEO & Digital Marketing best practices and components as thier are critical to increasing your businesses sales goals. That Goal is most important to us and it is what defines what we do in your Website Design, SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. We treat your Digital Marketing Steps like Sales Gaols not just a checklist of tasks. We stay focused on the Ecommerce goals then carefully executing and performing the KW SEO & Digital Marketing tasks with accuracy and precision. Book your Free Consultation with one of our KW Website Designers and SEO Experts Today.

KW Website Design

KW Website Design or Keyword Web Design is about starting with your search engine ranking goals from the start using the latest OnPage SEO best practices.

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Web Development

eCommerce Website Development is on rise even with brick and mortar and local businesses.  eCommerce Optimization is critical to sales success.

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Mobile Websites & Apps

The Mobile Web & Mobile Apps bring 70% more sales to businesses than the desktop web.  As of 2016 Google Search no longer lists websites without a mobile strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

SMO & Social Media Marketing provides your website safe quality back links as well as making your SEO and Sales Rocket with more positive reviews about you.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization & PPC are the main traffic magnets your website needs to reach sales conversion goals.  Pay Per Click gets quick traffic and SEO Lowers PPC Cost Per Lick.

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Quantifiable Results

At the end of the day it is your bottom-line that matters.  That is why we start with the end in mind and work towards the goal of Increasing your sales.

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Increase Sales Conversions

"Start with the end in mind and work towards increasing your sales today!"


We say Psychology before Technology because it does not matter how good the Tech is if people don’t get your sales message and convert into sales. That’s why we are careful in the beginning to understand the sales phycology goals before diving straight into the Technology.


No challenge is too big for us. Since 1998 we have served and ranked at the top of monopolized industries and with keywords such as restaurants, off lease computers, refurbished laptops, unlimited cell phone plans, long-distance cell phone plans, order business cards online, local seo, kw seo search engine optimization and much much more…

SEO KW Restaurants


In 1998 we created KW Restaurants and helped 100's of restaurants get listed high in search results.

SEO Off Lease Computers


From 2001 - 2004 we ranked for Off Lease Computers and Used Laptops and sold them by the skids.

SEO Cell Pone Long-Distance


From 2004 - 2009 we ranked for Unlimited Cell Phone Long-Distance Plans against the monopolies.

KW SEO Keyword Ranking

Keyword SEO

Chasing top rankings on search engines with KW SEO is truly a passion of ours, lets us help you.

How to lower CPC cost per click with PPC AdWords.

PPC Pay Per Click Management combined with OnPage SEO benefits you twice. OnPage SEO boost your Quality Score with Google which also lowers your CPC Cost Per Click with PPC AdWords. SEO helps you rank in the free organic and local search results on Google and other top search enines.

No Strings Digital Marketing Consultation!

We provide quality work for our Kitchener-Waterloo Clients in the Waterloo Region as well as International Website Design, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Projects. Please reach-out to our team with questions or comments you have about our services. So dive in, we will review your success requirements and get back to you asap. We look forward to working with you on a successful project. Thank you for requesting information.


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Kitchener Waterloo to Toronto is know as the Tech Corridor, KW is in the Waterloo Region of Canada and is the second largest Tech Hub in the world after Silicon Valley.  Working in this area gives us access, opportunity and the privilege to work with many start-ups and brilliant minds.